A New Vision in Sports Performance

Real-time Data at a glance, for Athletes

See in action

For Cyclists

For runners

Your metrics displayed to train better

Key data displayed on 
lightweight sport glasses.

Heart Rate

Elapsed Time





Train with precision.
Perform with confidence.

Manage your intensity, Fine-tune your pace, Control your effort

The path to your next Personal Record

Engo guides your performance 
without glancing away

Connect Engo smartglasses

to devices via bluetooth : Garmin data field IQ or via Activelook app on smart phone

Connects to:

Download the ActiveLook® App

Adapts to changing light

Proprietary photochromic lenses ensure clarity in all conditions

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What's included:
  • Engo Smart Eyewear
  • Softcase
  • Travelcase
  • Soft Cleaning Cloth
  • Micro B USB cable
  • Sunglass retainer strap
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Rocks my cycling!

Cycling with Engo smartglasses is awesome! I’m much more precise with my threshold training. Seeing my power output helps me feather my watts and get more out of my workouts

Simon Boulder, CO

Amazing experience

Having my pace displayed at the edge of my vision – especially when racing – is an amazing experience! Now I can relax and concentrate on my effort and running form. Hello, BQ!

Pam Columbus, OH

It keeps me focused

I love being able to glance at just the data I want (and nothing I don’t) displayed in my glasses. It keeps me focused on what’s important without overwhelming me with information.

Rick Atlanta, GA

Real-time data up there is awesome

Having real-time data in front of you is awesome. The Engo fits perfectly to all face shapes. Temples and nose pads can be shaped. Great support on the nose, adjustment of the nose bridge and branches is awesome.

Fabrice, road & off-road cyclist Drome, France

Engo helps me keep my beats constant

The data is in your vision without obscuring the visibility, it is a major advantage. It prevents me having to look at my bike computer or watch. Monitoring closely my heart beat is essential. Without my Engo, elevation and weather can impact heavily the beats stability, without noticing it. It can ruin a session badly

Alexandre, International Pentathlete Paris, France

It is so easy and comfortable to access my metrics

The glasses bring comfort in Nordic skiing, especially for high intensity sessions. I don't need to look at my watch, it is just there on the glasses. I monitor closely my heart beat or the distance.

Capucine, Nordic Skiing National Team Savoie, France

I stay focused with an easy safe access to my data

My glasses allow me to stay focused on my effort without having to look at my watch or bike computer. It means safety for the rider, even more on MTB. Depending on my sport practice, I display power, pace, speed or cadence, elapse time data.

Yves, triathlete Yonne, France

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